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Indlovu Itshe Abelungu salts is a product created and crafted by Indlovu a.k.a MJO Marketing in the heart of Alberton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Indlovu Itshe Abelungu salts brings you good luck and good fortune, you run yourself a hot bath and put the salt in the bath then you whisper all your desires and everything you want. Available in 200g and 500g and in various colours. Prices vary from the different sizes 200g (R 10.08) and 500g (R 14.33)


  •  Pink (ITS001)
  •  White (ITS002)
  •  Blue (ITS003)
  •  Mixed (Pink and Blue) (ITS004)
  •  Red (ITS006)
  •  Rainbow (Red, Blue and Pink) (ITS023)


  •  Pink (ITS009)
  •  White (ITS010)
  •  Blue (ITS011)
  •  Mixed (Pink and Blue) (ITS012)
  •  Green (ITS013)
  •  Red (ITS014)
  •  Orange (ITS015)
  •  Rainbow (Red,Blue and Pink) (ITS022)

Itshe Abelungu Salts

Ithse Abelungu Salts