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Using indigenous herbalism and African spirituality, traditional muti has been around for hundreds of generations – long before scientific medicine. “Muti” is derived from the Zulu word, “umuthi” meaning “tree”. As its meaning suggests, treatments are made where possible using natural materials and age-old tradition. Traditional African medicine and Sangoma medicine have had wide usage across modern Africa and are still believed to have beneficial effects ranging from spiritual and general healing to treating specific ailments.

If you are looking for a traditional muti wholesalers, look no further – Indlovu Products is South Africa’s one stop shop for herbal remedies, medicines and muti products of just about any kind. From energy incense to oils, creams and packed lines, our traditional methods are still finding a way to survive in society today. In African culture, we believe that the reason why people fall ill is because of a disrupt balance between their social environment and the spiritual world, not from natural causes. A large portion of the African population rely on traditional methods and most African plant species are used as medicinal plants.

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Siwasho's Salts

Siwasho Salts


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Amafuta (100ml)


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Tokoloshe Salts


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